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Coporate Seminars

Why Choose Dan Franklin's Equine Communication Corporate Seminars?

A gentle touchIn today's high-tech, fast paced world the chance to connect with nature and the animal kingdom has become increasingly difficult. Dan Franklin's Equine Communication Seminars offers you a chance to do so, with an interesting and enjoyable alternative to the usual conference format. Your employees, or clients gain life skills while learning how to play with the horse using their language. In learning to communicate with the horse, the emphasis is on self-development, not competition with others. This allows the client to have fun while learning skills which can readily be applied both to business and their every day lives.

Dan Franklin's Equine Communication Services can come to your facility, or arrange a facility, for the three day seminar program. The program promotes using the horse's language in order to communicate with them. In learning these skills, any individual can enhance their physical, emotional, and mental abilities. 

Benefits of an Equine Communication Seminar:

  • Improve motivation skills.

  • Develop focus and concentration skills.

  • Improve self esteem.

  • Improve self awareness.

  • Improve speech and communication skills.

  • Promote language processing skills by following directions and sequential actions.

  • Improve imagination skills.

  • Improve self discipline skills.

  • Develop empathy, kindness, and accountability for one's actions through communication with the horse.

  • Improve physical skills including balance.

  • Learn games to play with the horses using their language.

  • Learn the power of the mind in communicating with the horses, as well as in everyday life.

  • Open possibilities for the future through positive thinking.

  • Learn the skills of horse communication.

  • Encourage safety while working with horses.

Details and Costs:

Dan Franklin's Equine Communication Services provides three day seminars. Mr. Franklin supplies his own trained horses, where shipping them is reasonable, or clients can provide their own horses. Basic equipment such as lead ropes and halters are supplied. Clients are required to supply their own riding helmets. Clients must also arrange for their own accommodations and meals. The number of clients per seminar is limited to 25. Price does not include facility rental, if required.

If you would like more information on pricing, or quotes for specific functions, please send inquiries to quotes@equine-communication.com
Pricing is well within corporate standards.

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