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Canadian Horse Whisperer uses Intuitive Language of Equine Communication

A horse whisper uses a special kind of communication that is possible between humans and horses. The movie "The Horse Whisperer" brought widespread attention to this type of equine communication. This Intuitive Language (or horse whispering), is a skill that can be learned by just about anyone, regardless of their physical abilities. Equine communication skills are what Canadian Dan Franklin teaches -- through demonstrations, his unique special needs program, corporate seminars as well as group and private seminars.

Dan's work as a horse whisperer has been featured on BCTV, BBC, CBBC (The Stables), ITV CENTAL, PAX TV & the LIFE NETWORK (the TV show "Animal Miracles"). His work has also been featured on live radio interviews with Saga FM & Derby Radio in England. As an internationally known equine trainer & horse whisperer Dan  spent a month working with children at England's only Inner City Horse Project - Stepney Bank Stables located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the past. 

Find out how these equine communication skills can help your company, you or your child. 
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Dan's new promoter is Natural Heal Systems

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